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London School of Economics US Policy Blog

Black Millennials think differently about the role of racial discrimination 

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The Black Scholar

A Conversation on Immigration, Ethnicity, & Black Political Futures with Christina Greer and Chyrl Laird

Contraception Deserts: Washington Post's Monkey Cage Blog

An examination of whether provisions for affordable contraception are equitably distributed with Rebecca Kreiter

Black Immigrants in the U.S. Face Big Challenges: Washington Post's Monkey Cage Blog

What special challenges do Black DACA and undocumented immigrants face? Will African Americans rally to their side?

Book Talks & Reviews

Black Mosaic

Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History: Book Talk

New Books in Political Science Podcast

Stay Woke

Library Journal

"VERDICT A valuable guidebook that deconstructs myths and provides actionable steps people can take to avoid complacency and complicity; essential reading on social justice." 

Ms. Magazine's Reads for the Rest of Us

"This is the essential guide on race, racism, the BLM movement, fighting for racial justice, fighting against racial injustice, and more. I am looking at you, fellow white people! Buy this book and read it. Own it, love it, memorize it, and live it."

Colorlines Autumn Reading List

UNC-TV Black Issues Forum

What Is Race?

In the News:

Cited by Thomas Edsall, " No One Should Take Black Voters for Granted" New York Times, September 11, 2019. 

Quoted by Thomas Edsall, "We Aren’t Seeing White Support for Trump for What It Is" New York Times, New York Times, August 28, 2019. 

Quoted in Eugene Scott, "Despite White House Denial, Some Find Trump’s Comments about Black Immigrants Believable" Washington Post, December 23, 2017.

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